Our desire for health is the principal to realize our dream and our most important asset.

Biontech is standing today by
"the spirit to contribute to human being
and health of the people".

This is Gyudae Cho, President and CEO of Biontech.

Founded in 1986, Biontech has invested over 10 million US dollars in the research and development of alkaline water ionizer. With over 30 different alkaline water ionizer models, we have significantly contributed to the hygiene and health of Korea. Now, our product line includes water purifiers, bidets, water softeners, electric hob and others. We are continuing to grow into an expert manufacturer of home appliances.


  • 2000’s ~ PresentPresident & CEO, Biontech
  • 2010’sChairman of Korea Alkaline Ionized
    Water Association
  • 1986’s ~ 1999’sPresident & CEO, Daea Medical
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"Healthy people make healthy corporation" - the "health-oriented management" by Biontech is achieving customer satisfaction through courteous services
and production incorporated with strict quality and performance inspections, according to the standardized KGMP certificate system from production to sales.

Biontech currently holds over 150 industrial property rights including patents, utility models and designs. We were selected as 'Korea Representative Brand Corporation' in 2009, 2011 and 2012, awarded with Most Excellence award in 'Korea New Technology Award', and came in 1st place in 2010 Annual Brand Award and Korea Consumer Wellbeing Competition.

A leading alkaline water ionizer manufacturer in Korea, Biontech is now growing into a global enterprise, exporting various products to over 40 nations
in North America, Europe and Asia and manufacturing for 30 overseas brands worldwide.

In 2009, Biontech began alkaline water ionizer rental service to spread its use, where our ADs make home visits for thorough product management nationwide.

With honor, credibility and responsibility as our sense of value, each and every member of Biontech is exerting most effort to maximize our corporate values,
achieve customer satisfaction, and realize our ideology of "Biontech, healthy corporation of the world".

Gyudae Cho, President & CEO